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HORTUS AUDIO is a designer and manufacturer of professional loudspeaker systems based in the south of France.
Today the Hortus Audio team designs and manufactures professional loudspeakers which meet the market’s needs by providing excellent acoustic quality, outstanding reliability, as well as rapid return on investment.
Our philosophy of providing excellent products at a reasonable price has enabled us to secure a strong position in the French market while exporting more than 50% of our production internationally.

The HORTUS AUDIO range consists of two series, each one designed to meet a different need:

  A range of professional loudspeakers for high and medium power sound systems. Coaxial or constant directivity technology, the Granit Series delivers consistent sound quality, free of coloration and distortion making it possible to use different models to fulfill the sound reinforcement needs of different zones within the same area.
  Installation loudspeakers designed to perfectly meet the needs of high quality distributed applications. Small, powerful and available in different versions, the Contract series has been developed for a wide variety of locations such as hotels, restaurants, conference rooms, television monitoring, museums, and sports facilities…

HORTUS AUDIO provides also amplifiers and processors, which are designed on our specifications by the most recognized manufacturers in the world. They allow an optimal use of all our loudspeakers.


Our brands:



You will find on the webiste all principal characteristics of our products. Please feel free to contact us via email for any information you may require.

HORTUS AUDIO, efficiency which leaves nothing to chance….